Past Masters

John Redus — 1884-1888 was born in Athens, Ala. in 1833 and moved to Aberdeen, Ms. with his parents when he was about 16 years old. He served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Upon his return, he became active in the ranching business. He was among the first cattlemen to drive their herds to Kansas. He was a charter member of the first Lodge in Medina County and was its secretary. He was instrumental in starting Devine Lodge No. 590 and became its first Worshipful Master.

George W. Henson –Worshipful Master 1890-1891 was an early settler in the Big Foot area. He was active in the Baptist Church where he was a Deacon and Sunday school teacher. He was engaged in farming and ranching. He held Lodge membership in Iuka Lodge 723 and Moore Lodge no. 788. He married Dorthy Cude, daughter of a pioneer of Frio County.His daughter Estella married Joe Stroud who is also a Past Master.
James R.Evans, MD—Worshipful Master 1892-1894 was born in Tazewell, Tennessee in 1845. He received a degree in Medicine in Louisville, Ky. He moved from Williamson County, Tx to Devine in 1876. He was the first Doctor in the Devine area. He owned the Lion Drug Store, which was located on the east side of the railroad tracks. Dr. Evans prided himself upon his fine Kentucky horses that he hitched to his carriage as he made his rounds. He presided over an un-Masonic conduct trial during his term office. He owned a fine home in Devine and was active in the real estate business.
Pleasant Ernest McAnelly—WM 1901-1902. He was born in Guadalupe County on March 3,1851. He came to Medina County in 1878 where he bought ranch land on the Hondo Creek about ten miles west of Devine. He married Miss Mary Redus at the ranch home of her parents Mr. And Mrs. John Redus in 1881.He was active in Moore Lodge No. 788 and affiliated with Devine Lodge June 17, 1898. He served as President of the Devine school board for twelve years. He supported many civic improvements. All of the ranch property he acquired is still in the McAnelly family. He died on his ranch in 1915. His grandson, Phillip McAnelly, married Linda McAnelly Superintendent of schools in Devine.
James William O’Neal—W.M 1904 -1905 was born in Limestone County, Texas. He came to Devine in 1883 with his father who was a building contractor in Devine. He graduated from school in Devine and earned a degree in Pharmacy. He owned the J.W. O’Neal drugstore, sold it and then went to Austin where he received a Law Degree. He moved to Beaumont and later to Port Arthur, where he served as City Attorney during the depression years. He was also Mayor of that city in 1932. He was affectionately known as Judge O’Neal.
John W. Fullerton—W.M.1910, 1911 and 1913 was born in Gonzales Texas. He was a Mayor of Devine and a successful onion farmer. On May 13, 1909, The Devine News ran an article about the onion business in the Devine area in which it was said that John W. Fullerton was shipping 20 to 22 rail road carloads of onions a day. He had large farms near Moore and south of Devine long the San Miguel creek. He and a partner bought 6000 acres of land near Karnes city, Texas. He had real estate offices there and in San Antonio.

Joe Stroud — W.M. 1915. He was born in Lockhart in 1877. His family moved to Big Foot in the early 1890’s and started a blacksmith shop. He married Essie Henson, daughter of Past Master G.W. Henson. He moved to Devine and started a blacksmith shop here in 1903. He was well known for his making of cattle brands and his ability to shoe a horse in less than nine minutes. He persisted in working in his shop until his death in 1966. His son Sherille Stroud took over his business after his fathers death. Stroud’s blacksmith shop was a favorite hang out for many of the old time ranchers and farmers.
David Calvin. Brown—WM 1921-1930, was born in the Dalles, Oregon in 1888. He held lodge membership in Lathrop Lodge No. 21 in Crockett, Texas and in Zanderson Lodge no. 1120 in Jourdanton. He affiliated with Devine Lodge No. 590 in 1920. He was an attorney at law. He was active in the Knights Templar and the Alzafar Shrine. He served as District Deputy in 1922 and on the Grand Lodge Committee of appeals and on Credentials. He was a member of the Presbyterian
John Clement Redus – W.M. 1923 was the grandson of John Redus, Charter Master
of Devine Lodge. He was born in 1892 on his father’s ranch west of Devine. He received his education in the Devine Public Schools and was engaged in ranching and farming. He worked part time as a clerk for the Adams Co in Devine. During the depression years, he raised dairy cows and sold milk to the Brown Creamery in Devine. He also raised beef cattle. He planted and raised broomcorn and later became a Broomcorn Broker. He bought and sold broomcorn in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Devine Independent School District for over 20 years. He and his wife Hazel Slater were parents of 14 children. He taught Masonry for many years. He was presented life membership in the Lodge by his son George Redus Sr. in 1961. His sons William Otis Redus and George M.Redus Sr. are Masons. His Grandson, George M. Redus Jr. is a Past Master of our Lodge.
Matthew Erwin DuBose—W.M. 1924 was born in the Black Creek community in His grandfather owned and operated the Devine News. Matt published the Moore Model, a weekly newspaper for several years. He managed the telephone exchange in Moore. In 1923 he was elected Secretary of the Board of trustees for the Devine School District, and was the Mayor of Devine in 1925. During the depression years, he worked as a manager of the Medina Irrigation project, selling farms. A lot of farmers in the Dust Bowl area in Oklahoma bought land in Medina County with the hope of raising crops from water taken from the new Medina Lake. Many were unable to pay for their land, and it became Matt’s job to collect payments for the land. Some of the farmers threatened him when he tried collecting. After getting beat up a few times, he hired past master Red Davis to act as his body-guard. A small lake south of Devine is named “DuBose Lake” after him. This was one of our favorite swimming holes.
James A. Aldridge—W.M. 1926, was born in Forrest City, Ark in 1866. He served as the Post Master of Devine from 1916 to 1924. He owned and operated a large onion farm near Devine. He died in San Antonio in 1936 of a heart attack.

Matt E Howard WM – 1931

Anthony Murchinson Foster—W.M. 1934, was born 1879 in McNary County, Tennessee. His mother died when he was six years old and he spent his boyhood days living with relatives in Mineral Wells, Texas. He served as a Methodist preacher in Devine, Hondo, Cotulla, Lytle, Carrizo Springs, Floresville and Goliad. He was DDGM in District 38 in 1937. He served as the Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Texas in 1945. He died in Mineral Wells in 1953.
Homer D. Thompson—W.M. 1936 was born in Devine in 1898. He was the Post Master of Devine for 10 years, a past commander of the American Legion, and Chief of the local fire department. He died in 1955.

Robert L. Busby Sr., W.M. 1938 was born in Carrizo Springs, TX in 1893. His father was a farmer and rancher and owned a meat market. He attended San Marcos Academy and Draughon’s Business College in San Antonio. He farmed on irrigated land near Chacon Lake and later bought a farm on Fish Hatchery Road where he lived until his retirement. He was a sales manager for the Medina Irrigation Co., and drove a motor car taking prospective land buyers on tours in the farming area. He was a member of the Baptist church in Devine, a director of BMA water District no. 1.and the proud father of Robert L. Busby Jr. who became a PM of our Lodge. He died in 1975.
Austin Gay Dubose, W.M. 1940 was born in Black Creek in 1910. He attended Lewis Barber College in San Antonio and started barbering in San Antonio in 1929 and moved to Devine where he opened a shop in 1936.He was a Deacon in the Devine Baptist Church and a Sunday School Superintendent. He worked at Kelly AFB during WWII.

Henry Moss—W.M. 1941 was born in Sinton, Tx in 1915. He graduated from Texas A&I in 1937, receiving a degree in Vocational Agriculture. His first teaching job was in Driscoll, Texas. He taught Agriculture in the Devine Public schools for many years, and was everyone’s favorite teacher. In December 1942, just a few months after being installed as Worshipful Master, he joined the U.S. Marines. He saw action as an officer with the First Marine Division on New Britian, Peleliu and Okinawa. He was wounded in the fight for Okinawa and was presented with the Purple Heart medal. He was active in the Devine Methodist Church and in civil activities. He was honored with a special “Henry Moss Day” in 1973. He taught school in Devine for 45 years, and was honored at the Annual convention of Voc-Ag teachers for his many years as an Agriculture teacher.
Howard Grant—W.M. 1944 was born in Devine in 1898. His father, Golden B. Grant served as W.M. in 1898, 1899 and 1900. He worked at Kelly AFB during World War II. He was very active in his lodge as an instructor, and attended the Baptist Church. Howard died in 1960.

Charles F. Bippert—W.M. 1946 was born in Moore, Texas in 1908. He attended school there, graduating in 1928. His first job was with the State Highway department driving trucks. He was a auto mechanic for Past Master Herbert Teel who owned the first Chevrolet dealership in Devine. In 1932, he opened his own garage and worked there until WWII when he went to work at Kelly AFB as an aircraft engine mechanic. He was active in the Order of the Eastern Star and the Rainbow Assembly for girls. He was the first member of our lodge to receive a Grand Lodge teaching certificate. He owned a farm in Moore and worked in his auto repair shop until his death.

William Ernest Davidson—P.M. 1948, was born near Big Foot, Texas in 1909. He attended schools in Frio County and Somerset. He farmed for a while and moved to Devine where he was employed in the Texas Market. He went to work for the Post Office in Devine in 1973 and worked there until his retirement. He was an avid supporter of the Rainbow for girls, and was active in the First Christian Church in Devine. He was DDGM in 1951 and served his Lodge faithfully. He was proficient in lodge memory work and taught many of our members.
Curtis Herald Shaw—W.M. 1950 was born in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma in 1915. He received his education in the public schools of Beggs and Tulsa, Oklahoma. He moved with his family to Calhoun County, Tx in 1931 and was engaged in shrimping and oyster fishing in the gulf off of Port Lavaca. He worked on a ranch in Throckmorton, Tx in 1934. He worked in service stations and garages in Houston and in the oil fields. He worked as a welder in Houston for the Brown Shipbuilding Co. He came to Devine in 1944 and opened a welding shop. He was a deacon in the Devine Calvary Baptist Church. He received his certificate in ritualistic wok in the 1950s.
Ernest Grady McDaniel—W.M. 1952 was born Pine Top, Tennessee in 1908. He farmed about three miles south of Devine and was engaged in carpenter work in the Devine area. He owned a motorcycle that he loved riding. He gave me a ride on his bike during a heavy rain, going at least 60 miles an hour. That was my first and last ride on a motorcycle. He presented the Lodge with a tilers sword in 1954. He moved to California where his health failed and he died.

Roy Allen Briscoe—W.M. 1954 was born in San Antonio in 1912. His father was a bank cashier and his mother a school teacher. He worked for the Texas Pipeline Company in Liberty, Texas and returned to Devine in 1947, where he went into business with his father who operated a Feed and Seed store. He owned an insurance agency and was a tax assessor-collector for the Devine Independent School District.

Levi Clifton Hardcastle—W.M. 1956 was born near Black Creek where his father was engaged in farming. Levi received his education in Gonzales. He worked as a truck driver for the Devine Creamery in 1935, and then worked for the Texas State Highway Department. He worked at Kelly AFB as a Civil Air Policeman in 1942, and then joined the U.S. Border Patrol and Immigration Service in Eagle Pass. He later transferred to the U.S. Immigration Service in Laredo where he was a Custom Inspector on the International Bridge between Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. He built and gave the lodge a lectern and placed a bronze marker on it in memory of his brother who was killed two days before he was to be initiated as a mason. He invited several lodge brethren to attend Ascencion Lodge No. 12 in Nuevo Laredo. After the Lodge meeting, we went to his house in Laredo where the building of a lodge hall was discussed. He pledged 25 sacks of cement, Frank Dodson ten sacks, Burl Jopling 25 and Ernest Davidson 25 sacks. Several other members pledged money. A short time later, construction of our new lodge began.
Darrell B. Murdock—W.M. 1958 was born in Cedar, Oklahoma in 1929. He moved with his family to Devine in 1937. He is a Devine High School graduate. He went to work at Kelly AFB as an apprentice electrician. He joined the U.S. Marines in 1946 where he was an electrician with Air Transport Squadron No. 953 in Hawaii and Guam. After the war he returned to Hawaii and worked for the US Civil Service as an electrician. He next transferred to Kelly AFB where he worked until 1965. He established his own refrigeration and air conditioning business in Devine and later owned two Mini Storage buildings. He was a member of the Baptist Church in Devine and was elected a deacon and Training Union director.

Frank Arnold Dodson—W.M. 1960 was born in 1923 in Zaragosa, Mexico where his father was ranching in the area. He graduated from the Del Rio Public Schools. He enlisted in the Air Force during WWII, attained the rank of Sergeant was honorably discharged in 1946. After getting out of the service, he went to work for the Del Rio and Winter Garden Telephone Company as a lineman , later advancing to Installer-Repairman. He transferred to Sabinal in 1947 and to Devine in 1949. He was raised in Val Verde Lodge no. 646 in Del Rio and affiliated with Devine Lodge 590 in 1954. It was during his term as Master that plans were formulated for the new lodge building and pushed forward to completion. Frank was active in the Devine Methodist church where he served on the board of stewards and was a Sunday School Superintendent.
Hilmer F. Neuman—W.M. 1962 was born in Hondo in 1923. He attended schools in Murphy, Hondo and Black Creeks schools. He started work as an auto mechanic in Charlie Bippert’s garage. He later owned and operated his own garage. He was an active member of the Methodist church in Devine.

Elmer R. Wooten—W.M. 1964 was born in Marysville, Texas in1902. He received his education in schools in Eagle Cove, Clyde, and Spur, Texas. He attended San Marcos Baptist Academy and was active in the Baptist Church in Devine. He was a [professional Baker, owning and operating bakeries in Devine and Hondo. He died in Sabinal in 1975.
Thomas E. Weisinger Jr.—W.M. 1966, was born in Harmony, Texas in 1910. His family owned property on Lake Conroe. His first job was driving a school bus. He served his country in the Army during WWII. After the war, he went to work for the Shell Oil Co. near Big Foot Texas. He was probably the best lodge instructor our lodge ever had. He taught a lot of our members their work.
Martin M. Jolly –-W.M 1968 worked for Shell Oil Company near Bigfoot until his retirement. He was an active member of the Baptist church in Devine. He was born in May, Oklahoma in 1907 where he attending public schools.

Charles F. Hanson—W.M. 1970 was an electrician in Laredo before moving to Devine and opening a shop here. He was active in the Methodist church in Devine. Both he and his wife were good workers in the DeMolay and Rainbow chapters. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1910 and received his education in schools in Toronto, Canada and St. Louis.
Homer Wayman. Boyd—W.M. 1972 was born in Lampasas, Tx in 1931. He served in the U.S Army from 1948 to 1951. He lived in Farmington, N.M. and in Temple, Texas. He was a member of the Devine Baptist Church. He went to work for the State Fish Hatchery in San Marcos, and was later the manager of one in Devine. His hobby is collecting different styles of barbed wire.
Gordon M.Taylor—W.M. 1974 was born in Junction, Texas in 1935. He graduated from public schools in San Antonio and colleges in Uvalde and San Marcos. He received a degree from SW Texas State University in Animal Husbandry. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1960 and served six years. He was a Seabee during the Vietnam war, and volunteered for two different terms. He was a heavy machinery operator with; the Houston Bridge and engineering Company, and spent two years with the H.B. Zachry Company in Saudi Arabia. He was a member of the Devine Methodist Church.
Burl C. Jopling—W.M. 1976 was born in 1897 near Brownwood. He attended public schools there where he graduated in 1916. He attended Howard Payne University. His first job was was for the Buick automobile dealer in Brownwood as a mechanic. He worked in Service stations in Pontotoc, Tx, and later became an agent for the Cities Services Oil Company. He worked at Camp Normoyle in 1942 and later transferred to Kelly AFB as a motor and Mechanical inspector. In 1947 he moved to Devine where he operated a dairy. He later bought a variety store from the J.B. White Store co.. He later bought the Western Union Store in Lytle which he later sold to his son. He served at DDGM in 1960 and 1967. He conducted more Masonic graveside services than any other brother in Devine. He served two years as City Alderman. He was active in the Devine Methodist Church.
Charles N. Wilkinson—W.M. 1978 was born in 1921 in Coleman, Texas, where he attending the public schools there. In 1941 he went to work at Kelly AFB as a heavy equipment mechanic. He also worked at air bases at Shepard AFB and Roswell AFB.
In 1942 he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving aboard an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. He was a member of the First Christian Church in Devine.
Vick A. Fielding –W.M.1980 was born in Monohans, Texas in 1921. He owned a farm west of Devine where he raised cattle and hay. He attended school in Monohans. He enlisted in the Air Force in 1941 and became a fighter pilot. After leaving the Air Force, he was employed in the Civil Service in Pyote, Texas. He later transferred to Laredo AFB and then to Brooks AFB. He was a member of Wesley Methodist Church in San Antonio.
George W. Brown—Worshipful Master 1888-1890 was born in New York in 1843. He enlisted in the Union Army on May 24, 1861 and fought in the Civil War against the South. He was discharged on July 8, 1865 and came to Texas where he bought a ranch two and a half miles west of Castroville, and later one a few miles west of Devine. He was a Medina County Commissioner, a Justice of Peace, Deputy Sheriff, and a deputy U.S. Marshall. He was also a postmaster of Devine in 1889. He was known as Yankee Brown. Jack Morris and Yancey Russell researched his military record and arranged to have a military marker placed on his grave.
Rufus Calvin Gossett—Worshipful Master 1891-1891 was born in North Carolina March 26, 1827. He served with the Confederacy during the Civil War. He came to Texas and settled near Gonzales County. He moved to the Devine area around 1887 where he was engaged in farming. He is said to have been an excellent speaker. One of his talks so impressed the lodge, the Secretary was ordered to send copies of his oration to newspapers in Hondo, Devine and Pearsall.
Golden Beauregard Grant –WM. 1898-1901 was a native of Geneva, Alabama . He moved from Lavaca County to Devine in 1884. He farmed for several years then moved to town. He served as a constable, justice of the peace, and ten years as a county commissioner of Precinct 4. He taught all three lodge degrees. He was also active in the First Baptist church

William M. Williamson—WM 1902,1904,1915, 1930 and 1934. He also served as Lodge Secretary for seven years. He was born in Hamilton County, Texas in 1875 and received a Business degree from Baylor. He moved to Devine where he operated two cotton gins with his father and brother. He also owned and operated the Devine Ice Company and a bottling works. He was City Manager of Devine for several years and a director of the Adams National Bank in Devine. He served many years on the Devine School board, and was active in the Baptist Church. He was married to Miss Lena Redus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Redus.

Joseph Alexander Williamson—W.M. 1909-1918 was born in Palestine, Tx. He was in the Cotton Gin business in Devine with his brother William M. Williamson and father. He bought cotton gins in Hindes and Charlotte and operated them until the Cotton Boll weevil ruined the cotton business. He went to work at Kelly AFB during WWII as a skilled machinist.

John T. Briscoe—W.M. 1912. He was born in Gonzales in 1879 where his father farmed. They moved to Devine in 1883 where his father founded the Devine Lumber Company. He received his education in the Devine Public School and a law degree from the Cumberland Law School in Tennessee in 1905. He practiced law in Devine with Grover Morris and Hubert Green. During 1907-1911, he was a member of the Texas House of Representatives from this district. He was a candidate for Congress but was defeated by John N Garner from Uvalde. He was active in the First Baptist Church and was selected as a presidential elector on two occasions. His untimely death from a heart attack occurred January 30,1937, when he and his son Joe E. Briscoe, were pleading a case in the Justice of the Peace court in Devine. His son, Joe E. Briscoe served on the Baylor University Advisory board, an endowed a scholarship for students graduating from the Devine Public Schools.
Herbert T. Teel—W.M. 1916-1920. He was born in Devine in 1886. His father was in the hardware and farm implement business. After finishing high school, he went to work for his father and later became the first automobile dealer in Devine. He died of a heart attack in Monterrey, Mexico in 1934, where he had gone to look after his mining interest His name is perpetuated in the naming of Teel Avenue in Devine. His sister, Jean Teel Webb was a postmistress of Devine.

Dallas E. Halsell- –W.M. 1922. He was born in Pearsall 1883. His father was engaged in ranching in the Big Foot area. He was educated in the Big Foot schools and was a member of the Baptist Church. He worked as a clerk in the Adams Co. store in Devine and later went to Mexico and worked as a tool dresser for the Gulf Oil Co. He received his Masonic degrees in Moore Lodge No. 788 in 1905 and affiliated with Devine Lodge No. 590 in 1909. He received his 50 year membership award in 1957. He died in San Antonio in 1972 at the age of 89.
John F. Griffin—P.M. 1924, was born in 1889 in Benton City, Texas. He attended school in Devine and Business School in San Antonio. He was a Railroad Depot Agent in Devine for several years and worked for a cotton gin weighing cotton. He got a job with the Devine Post Office as a clerk, delivered rural mail, and later became the acting Postmaster. He is related to R.W. Gene Carnes, Grand Junior Warden of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas. He was very active in Lodge work, and numerous times as Worthy Patron of Devine OES.

Ernest E. Jones—WM 1925 . He transferred his membership from Moore Lodge 788 to Devine Lodge No. 590 in 1919. He was a railroad clerk in Devine and worked for a major oil company. He died in Abilene, Texas of a heart attack. He was a Methodist and a faithful worker in the Lodge.

Carroll O Williams—W.M. in 1927 was born in Devine in 1899. His father farmed land on what is now known as the Colonial Oaks subdivision. He was affectionately known as “Oak Williams” .He worked as a clerk in a local grocery store and later served with the 141st. Infantry Regiment of the 36th. Division in 1917 and fought in the historic Meuse-Argonne battle in World War I. He retired as a sergeant in 1919. He worked for Texaco and Conoco Oil companies and was a Justice of the Peace in Devine. He was a member of Devine Baptist Church. His son John B.Williams is a Past Master of our Lodge.
George Sidney Woods—W.M. 1932 was born in San Marcos in 1882. His father was a physician. After graduating from high school, he attended the Tulane University where he earned his M.D. degree. He was Devine’s doctor for over 50 years. In 1917 Dr. Woods served as a Regimental Surgeon in the 35th. Infantry Division. In October 1953, the Devine Chamber of Commerce honored Dr. Woods by having a Dr. Woods day. All businesses closed while the people of the area gathered to witness a colorful street parade in his honor, during which he was presented with the keys to the city. The highlight of his Masonic career came on the night of July 2, 1960, in the Devine High School auditorium when he was awarded his 50 year Grand Lodge award by John Bean, Worshipful Grand Master of Texas. Dr. Woods was buried in San Marcos, Texas.
Thaddeus Riley Keeton—W.M. 1935 was born in Auburn,Ellis County, Texas in 1874. He worked for the International and Great Northern Railroad, and later became the station agent for the Missouri Pacific in Devine where he served for 35 years. He was active in the Methodist church and in Lodge work. He died in Palestine, Texas in 1948.
Granville Cecil Clark—W.M. 1937 was born in 1874 in Monticello, Kentucky. He came toTexas in 1910 and lived in Natalia. He was a successful farmer. He was a member of Masonic lodges in Floresville and San Marcos and was a member of the Baptist Church. He was exceptionally friendly and had a smile and words of encouragement to all.
George Van. Busby, W.M. 1939, was born in Pearsall in 1908. He was a brother to Robert L. Busby Sr. After graduating from school, he went to work for Humble Oil and Refining Co. driving a truck. He later became a district salesman for Humble, representing eleven Texas counties. He was active in the Methodist Church in Devine where he was a Sunday School teacher and Board Chairman. He was DDGM in 1957.

Robert L. Busby Jr. – W.M. 1941 was born in San Antonio in 1916. He attended schools in Natalia and Devine, graduating in 1933. His first job was time-keeper at the Medina Lake Fish Hatchery. He later became a clerk in the Devine Post Office and worked as a canal rider for the BMA during 1942-1945. He bought and operated the Medina County Frozen Feed Locker plant in Devine for several years before going into the livestock business. He was active in the Devine Methodist church, serving as member of the board of Directors.
Louis Marvin Davis—W.M. 1943. He was known as “Red Davis.”. Has was born in Elgin, Texas in 1905 and educated in the Bartlett and Temple schools. He moved with his parents to Big Wells in 1923 and came to Devine in 1927. He was engaged 18 – in farming and operated a bull dozer and other earth moving equipment. He was active in the Devine Baptist church. He was known for his excellent barbeque. He and Charlie Bippert once prepared a barbeque dinner for 96 members and visitors. Two of his sons are members of our Lodge. He is buried in the Devine Evergreen Cemetery . His tombstone has a picture of a bulldozer engraved on it.

Joe Stroud Jr.– W.M. 1945 was born in Devine in 1910 and received his education in the public schools there. As a youngster he worked in his father’s blacksmith shop. In 1941 he went to work at Kelly AFB as a mechanic. He was active in the Devine Methodist Church and was proficient in conducting graveside services. I will always remember him conducting the burial rites upon my father.
Sidney Richard Malone—P.M. 1947 was born in Pearsall, Texas where he attending school. He was instrumental in starting the Devine Rainbow for Girls in 1948, and later helped organize the first De Molay chapter in Devine. He was in charge of a club house, built and maintained by the Medina Valley Irrigation Company. He built and operated a skating rink in Devine. In 1940, he worked at Kelly AFB in charge of civilian personnel recruiting. He went into the Navy in 1944 and served as a fleet postmaster in Guam. He was appointed Postmaster in Devine until his retirement. He was active in the Devine Chamber of Commerce, serving as its first president in He served as Mayor or Devine in 1965 and re-elected for two terms. He was active in the First Baptist church, and the American Legion.
James Clyde Ross—W.M. 1949 was born in Big Foot, Texas in 1910. He was a successful rancher and breeder of milking shorthorn cattle. He served two terms as a Devine School board trustee. He was active in the Baptist Church.

Elmo Haskell Stewart—W.M. 1951 was born in Devine in 1915. After finishing school in Devine, he attended San Antonio Junior College. He worked as a sheet metal fitter at Kelly AFB until his enlistment in the Air Force for two years. He was stationed at Shepard AFB and Scott Field. After getting out the service, he returned to Kelly AFB and became a Logistic Specialist.

Albert Wesley Thompson—W.M. 1953 was born near Corsicana, Texas in 1915. The following year, his family moved to Devine where he was educated in the Natalia and Devine schools. He owned a small farm produce business in Devine, where he bought and sold milk, cream and fresh eggs. He then went to work for the Driscoll Lumber Co. where he worked until his retirement. He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Devine and served several terms as a city alderman. He was Secretary of our lodge for seven years and two terms as Chaplain. He was a devoted member and a very fine Christian man. His brother Worth Thompson also served as Worshipful Master. They were both affectionely known as Big and Little Goat Thompson.
Roy Lee Harvey—W.M. 1955 was born in Houston, Texas in 1920. He was reared in Palestine, Tx where he became an automobile mechanic. He enlisted in the Army in 1940 – 1942 where he participated in the invasion of Normandy where he was wounded. He was awarded a Purple Heart. After the war he attended Texas Chiropractic College and became a Doctor. He was a member of the Methodist church in Devine. He moved to San Antonio and later to California.
Eugene Wilson Stewart—W.M. 1957 was born in Devine in 1918. Everyone knew him as “Happy Stewart.” He was educated in the Devine Public Schools where he graduated in 1937. He did carpentry work for several years and then became an Aircraft Mechanic at Kelly AFB. He served in the 121st. Infantry Regiment in the US Army during WW II. After the war he returned to his old job at Kelly AFB. He was an active member of the Devine Baptist church.

W.E. Saunders—W.M. 1959 was born in Charlotte, Texas in 1914. He graduated from school there in 1935. He went to work at Kelly AFB in 1941 in the Aircraft Production Control Department. He was active in Little League and the Natalia Volunteer Fire Department. It was during his term of office that Mr. W.E. Bassett gave the lodge the land to build our lodge hall. He was active in the Natalia Baptist church. He died in 1974.

John Blocker Williams—W.M. 1961. He got his middle name, Blocker, from a famous cattle trail driver from Pearsall. He was born and educated in Devine. He owned the Devine Lumber Yard at one time and served on the School Board for several years. It was during his years on the board that most of the new school construction occurred. He received his E.A degree from Lovell-Bury Lodge No. 4018, Flitwhich, England in 1945 while stationed in the Air Force there. He was a member of the Baptist church and a good lodge instructor.

George M. Redus Sr.—W.M. 1963 was born on the Redus farm south of Devine. He was one of 14 children born to his parents. He was educated in the Devine Public Schools, and received a Business Administration degree from Texas A&I University in Kingsville in 1950. When he was 16 years old, he volunteered to go to England with the Civil Service as a supply clerk. After returning to the States he enlisted in the Navy. During W.W II, he flew in Navy seaplanes and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and 5 clusters to the Air Medal for service in the Pacific. He was instrumental in starting a DeMolay chapter in Devine, served as Chairman of the Board and Chapter Dad. He also was active in the Devine Methodist Church, serving as Chairman of the Board and was a Sunday school teacher. He was a DDGM in 1963.
Oscar C. Harrell—W.M. 1965. was born near Yokum, Texas and graduated from there. H came to Devine and went to work for the S.W. Bell Telephone Company. He was active in supporting our DeMolay Chapter and attending the Devine Methodist Church. His son, Oscar Jr., was a pilot in the Air Force and retired with the rank of Lt.Colonel.
William N. Stone—W.M. 1967 was born near Gardendale, Texas where his father was engaged in farming. He attended schools in Moore, Dilley, Cotulla and Gardendale. He went to work at Kelly AFB in the Aircraft Engine Branch and became a skilled engine technician. He owns a farm south east of Devine where he farms and raises cattle,

Neil Briscoe Jr. –W.M. 1969 was born in Devine and educated in the public schools here. He received a college degree. He worked in a highly classified job, deciphering data from launched satellites. He worked with the youth in the DeMolay and Rainbow organizations. He was active in the Baptist Church in Devine where he was elected a Deacon and taught a Sunday school class. He was an Eagle Scout and was a charter member of Tri-County Order of DeMolay.
Thomas L. Young—W.M. 1971 was born in Kenedy, Texas in 1916. He attended public schools in West Columbia and Seadrift, Texas. He also attending Lamar Junior College. He bought a farm on the Fish Hatchery Road and moved there from San Antonio. He served six years in the U.S. Navy. He worked for the San Antonio Public Service in 1948 and then went to work at Kelly AFB as an Electronic Technician. He was active in the Devine Methodist Church.
Forrest W. Rotramel—W.M. 1973 was born in Grayville, Ill in 1912. His father was a well driller. He moved with his family to Bowling Green, Kentucky and New Mexico. His family came to Devine in 1929. He graduated from the Devine Public Schools. He was a heavy equipment motor mechanic at Kelly AFB until his retirement. He was active in the Devine Methodist Church.
Young B. Heathcock—W.M.was born in Von Ormy, Texas in 1917. His family later moved to Prairie Lea, Texas. He attended schools in Prairie Lea, Luling and Dowd, Texas. He served in the U.S. Air Force and saw overseas duty. After the war, he went to work as a roustabout and later became a switcher for the Shamrock Oil company. He belongs to the First Baptist Church in Devine where he served as a deacon and Sunday School Teacher.

Fred Wells—W.M. 1977 was born in Montell, Uvalde County in 1931. He attended the Uvalde public school and graduated from high school there. He ranched for a short while and in 1952 enlisted in the U.S.Army, serving with the 45th and 25th. Infantry Divisions in Korea. After his discharge in 1954, he attended Uvalde Junior College and then went to Texas A&M where graduated with a BS degree in Entomology in 1959. He worked for the Pennwalt Corporation until 1972 when he became an assistant manager of the S.W. Federal Land Bank. He was promoted to Manager in 1977. He presently is self employed as a real estate appraiser. He and his wife were charter members of the St.Mathias Church in Devine.

Charles Wesley Blackerby—W.M. 1979 was born in Harmony, Karnes County, Tx in He attended school there and went into the Army in 1951. He attended the 24 – NCO Academy in Germany. He bought a small farm southwest from Devine. He was in the home construction business for several years and then went to work as a housing inspector. He worked as a home construction inspector in San Antonio for several years before moving with his family to Buchanan Dam. He helped with the Rainbow Girls and DeMolay for boys organizations.
Robert Petri—W.M. 1981 was born in Fredericksburg, Texas in 1916. He attended schools in Albert and in Fredericksburg, Texas. He owned a farm near Wetmore, and later bought a ranch near Moore, Texas. He was a member of Shepard King Lutheran Church in San Antonio.